Custom Design Inquiries

Rhinestone Lipgloss Custom Options
Here at Rhinestone Lipgloss, we take custom to the next level.  We have two avenues for this, each allowing a different level of design. 


1: Specialized Earrings 
This process allows you to choose from earrings shapes that we have in stock and create your own pattern with the color palette of your choice. This is a great option for queens on a budget, as there is no price difference between the in stock finished earrings in the shape of your choice and the set made to your color selection. We carry every color that Swarovski makes, include multiple colors of pearls and natural turquoise, allowing us to accommodate nearly any design from rodeo queens to blushing brides and their parties, as our earrings make great gifts. 


2: Custom Couture
"Rhinestone Lipgloss Fusion"

Often seen on social media as #RLFusion, this is as custom as it gets. Named after our ability to take your idea and fuse them with our abililty to create custom couture, we will work with you directly, either in person or via video call for you to design EVERY aspect of your couture piece.  From size, shape, and color, each feature is designed by you.  As with all of our work, these pieces are also EXTREMELY lightweight and comfortable to wear.  From pageant queens who need a perfect match for the national stage, rodeo queens who want to sport their family brand in Vegas, or just a glam girl who has a great idea, we are able to bring your vision to life! 

For either of these options, please send us a message on Facebook or call 567.356.7176 to get started!

Helpful information:

1: The names of the Swarovski colors your designer used on the garment.  There is no such thing as a ‘red’ Swarovski- because there are multiple shades of each color from them, they have their own names.  Having these from your designer is EXTREMELY helpful for us, allowing us to guarantee an exact match.  If you don't have access to this information, we have multiple options to remedy this, including sending you our Swarovski chart so that you can best match them yourself. 

2: Date of your event. Sarah is normally about 2-3 weeks out on custom orders, and Fusion orders take a bit longer to create since we are working from scratch.  Exceptions can normally be made, but we do charge a rush fee, as it is not fair to our clients who are already in que. 

3: If there are no stones on your garment, being able to send us a swatch of fabric, even a small piece, is incredibly helpful.  We strive for a perfect match always, but due to the nature of cameras and lighting, photos are generally not very accurate to match colors with.  We understand the importance of your event, and we take our brand VERY seriously, so its vital that all parties are satisfied with the final product.