We invest in those who invest in us. 

    Rhinestone Lipgloss patches are earned, they are not passed out frivolously like many other companies. When you see someone with a Rhinestone Lipgloss patch, you know they worked for it.  

    As I’m sure you can tell, Rhinestone Lipgloss is my LIFE- I take the company and everyone who goes with it VERY seriously. I have worked incredibly hard to build this company- I am an insanely driven person and I believe very strongly in surrounding yourself with others who are just as goal oriented and driven as you. That being said, I am looking for the same type of people to wear our patch. The goal diggers. The over achievers. Those of us who want MORE in life. I want RL to be MORE than just shiny, comfortably earrings- I want them to be a symbol of POSSIBILITY. If I can walk away from a beautiful corporate office (I have a degree in Mandarin Chinese- I’m a translator by trade), a 401k, benefits, etc. to pursue this obsession of mine, SO CAN YOU. If there is anything I can ever do to help you, please let me know. My business would only be an ‘idea’ if it weren’t for customers and reps like you! Please keep in mind we take brand loyalty very seriously, so please be sure you're wanting to be on our team before submitting your application

    Our sponsorship is based on new customer referrals, allowing you to earn patches, percentages off, and even free earrings- you are, at no time, under any obligation to purchase from us to qualify for the afore mentioned items. 

    If you're interested in applying, please send an Email to sarah@rhinestonelipgloss.com with "Sponsorship Application" in the subject line, and we will get an application to you.